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Anyone applying to become a licensed Dealer must complete and submit the dealer license application and include all required documents with electronic payment. The applicant indicates on the form whether the application is for a Combination Dealer License (motor vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers), Trailer-only Dealer License, or a Motorcycle-only Dealer License. This license covers all new and used motor vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers, however any new vehicle dealers are required to include their franchise agreement with their application.


Motor Vehicle/Trailer/Motorcycle bond requirement is $50,000 and the Auction Dealers bond requirement is $100,000. Applicants are required to submit their bond with their initial license application and subsequent license renewal applications. The Motor Vehicle/Trailer/Motorcycle Dealer bond and Auction Dealer bond forms are included as sample forms. Contact your insurance carrier or bonding company for issuance of the bond. A Nebraska registered agent must sign the bond per NEB. REV. STAT. § 60-1419(2).